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Retirement Planning

At HFG Wealth Management, we believe that retirement planning should be the cornerstone of every wealth plan. The financial decisions you make now—from buying a vacation home to paying for college to how much you save and spend—all impact when you can retire and the quality of your retirement lifestyle. Whether your retirement is in the distant future or just around the corner, we want to help ensure that you can maintain a comfortable retirement across the decades.

While some firms focus only on building assets for retirement, we believe that an integral part of the retirement equation is the income you receive from those assets. After all, this income will take the place of your paycheck and finance the goals and dreams you have for retirement.
The HFG team will plan around your individual needs, wants and wishes, developing a strategy to maximize your retirement goals and income, while also ensuring this income lasts throughout a long retirement:

  • Your Needs: We start the retirement planning process by making sure your minimum retirement needs will be covered and adjusted for inflation over time. These expenses include your mortgage, healthcare, groceries, and transportation.
  • Your Wants: We then determine your wants, or the items you want to do but are willing to adjust to make your plan work. For example, you may want to spend $10,000 annually for travel but are willing to reduce this to $5,000 to maintain your retirement lifestyle.
  • Your Wishes: We’ll work to include your wishes in your plan, such as leaving money to a favorite charity or paying for a grandchild’s college education. These are items you dream of accomplishing, but would be willing to forgo if they meant making undue sacrifices during your retirement years.

Talk to us today about how we can integrate your retirement plan into your overall wealth picture. When it comes to retirement planning, time is on your side. The sooner we get started, the more choices and flexibility you will have in the years to come.


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