Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that educated investors make the most successful investors; that’s why we take the time to show our clients how Nobel Prize-winning principles can optimize an investment portfolio over time. The focus of this approach is not just to protect the wealth you already have, but to efficiently capture the market’s return for your investments.

The professionals at HFG strive to be on the forefront of the latest academic research in investments, financial planning, and behavioral finance. We believe this philosophy enables us to recognize the need for change as it occurs, allowing us to deliver to our clients ideas from some of the most esteemed minds in our industry. Further, we believe this commitment makes us more effective in guiding our clients to implement strategies that align with their specific goals and core values.

Making disciplined, knowledgeable decisions about wealth has to begin with a sound framework. At HFG Wealth Management, our investment approach is designed to maximize the probability of reaching your financial goals. For example, we subscribe to the belief that proper asset allocation, as opposed to market timing or securities selection, has proven over time to contribute to the vast majority of returns for investors.

At the center of our approach is a belief in five key concepts that empower our clients to achieve consistent, long-term financial success:

  1. Leverage diversification to reduce risk.
  2. Seek lower volatility to enhance returns.
  3. Use global diversification to enhance returns and reduce risk.
  4. Employ asset class investing
  5. Design efficient portfolios

Want to learn more? We’re always pleased to speak or meet with you to explore if we are the right firm to assist you in achieving your family’s financial goals. Contact us today to schedule a discovery meeting.


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