The Importance of Giving Back

December 20, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, I encourage you to consider what was important to you this past year. December is thought of as the season of giving: to our families, of parties, of gifts and of donations to charities. It is reported 40% of all individual charitable donations are made in December. As the year ends, you may be reflecting on charity and sharing what you have been uniquely blessed with. In the hustle and bustle of the season, have you thought about why we give? It is my belief, and the belief I share with my family and friends, clients and employees, that charitable giving has to come from the heart and from your guiding principles first. To be truly meaningful, I suggest your gift should first be in alignment with what connects your values, personal convictions and beliefs to how you live.

In my own business, I have been involved with charitable planning for over 30 years. Charitable gifting is important and can truly have an impact on our families, communities and the world at large. At HFG Wealth Management, we believe it is important to give and give carefully. As the holidays are here, this can be a wonderful time for conversation with family on what matters most and how to plan to give. Giving is measured in the sum of our life experiences, relationships, values, talents and skills and what we do to improve the lives of others. It takes great clarity and confidence in your financial and estate planning to make intentional decisions on how to leverage your assets.

Whatever your preferred method of giving may be, contributions, volunteering and living with purpose can sincerely offer greater happiness and more meaning to life. Ultimately, it serves our communities and families to offer some impact onto the world at large through our contributions of time and money. It matters that we give. What will we do with what we have been given? The impact and lasting legacy generosity can offer is what matters most. At HFG Wealth Management, we believe it is important to use giving to influence and impact, change and shape our communities. It takes clarity and confidence in financial and estate planning to make intentional, holistic decisions about how to purposefully and meaningfully leverage your assets. I encourage you to reflect this season on how you feel led to change, improve and impact our communities through your personal giving.



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