Whole Life Insurance

Is life insurance right for your family’s financial plan?

October 6, 2014

      With the right expert advice, life insurance can serve as the foundation of a sound financial plan. While life insurance can help you protect your dependents, it can also serve to provide liquidity for your business, family estate or heirs.

     “Life insurance creates liquidity for a business that doesn’t have available cash, creates dollars for estate taxes and works to create wealth for your family,” says Larry A. Harvey, Founder and CEO of HFG Wealth Management, LLC. “What life insurance does is assist to create wealth so your family’s lifestyle doesn’t change. Life insurance allows you to keep your standard of living so your family stays together as a family unit with the same standard of living,” continues Harvey.

     Life insurance provides immediate liquidity and works to protect your family’s future. It can also be used to assist in providing liquid assets of a family’s estate. “Most life insurance is cancelled before it is even used; it is the most underused financial planning tool for families and businesses today,” Harvey says. (more…)