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Europe Must Secure Cleaner and Cheaper Energy for Global Competitiveness

December 12, 2013

Shale Gas Blog ImageThe future energy security of Europe seems as gloomy as its current economic problems. While the need for affordable energy is mandatory for ensuring a flourishing economic climate, government think tanks across Europe have failed to outline a plan to source Europe’s future energy needs thus far. The ones who wheel the economic prosperity, manufacturers and their government partners, as well as various consumer groups are becoming concerned regarding securing the European common market’s future energy needs.

Take the United Kingdom’s case, for example. The British public opinion was in favor of clean energy, and they got it at an unsustainable cost. According to Stanley Reed, the New York Times columnist, Britain couldn’t secure a deal to establish any new nuclear power station for over the last two decades. On the other hand, Spain, who advocated strongly about moving to clean energy once, is abandoning plans for its own wind and solar power projects across the country. (more…)