Letter of Wishes

How can a letter of wishes help your will?

November 10, 2014

trust-estate-planning     Preparing your estate for a smooth transition to your heirs is not something most of us typically like to dwell on. But, with a little forethought you can help to save your family and loved ones any additional pain, unnecessary costs, or disagreements.     

     Most of us already have a standard will. Having a proper and up to date will is a necessary start for handling all the basic legal requirements for passing on your estate. But, there are a number of items that a will alone typically does not address. To deal with these topics, we recommend that our clients also draft a Letter of Wishes. The Letter of Wishes is designed to accompany the will, and makes sure that all of your last requests are known and clearly understood. And, it also is designed to avoid unnecessary delays, errors in executing your wishes, and helps minimize the costs involved for your loved ones.

     Here are several suggestions you may consider including in you or your loved one’s Letter of Wishes: (more…)